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I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in a small village in Tanzania. I started school in 2001 in a local school. I was very intelligent at school. My family was very poor and most of the time I went to school with a hungry stomach and in the evening when I came from school there was nothing to eat also, but this did not break my dream of studying. In 2002 when I was in class two I heard about the school of St Judes from my friends and I went for the interview. I passed and was selected to join the school and that is where my education journey began. In 2010 when I was in form one the Weily tribe, Margo and Tina came to visit the school and I was selected to show them around the school. We made a lot of stories and they got to know me in details and when talking to them I felt like I have got another family home away from home. Their son Adam became my best friend and I felt like I have got a big brother to share joy with (till we meet again Adam). When they left to Australia I was so sad but they promised that they could be coming every year and indeed they did.

They have been supporting my education journey since ever and in 2018 I graduated a diploma of librarianship and records management. Now am working as a librarian at Arusha Meru International School and at the same time I am doing my bachelor of librarianship and information management at the Open university of Tanzania and I will be graduating in 2022. This has been a great achievement in my life and I thank the Weily tribe and Sandy Tailor for making my life easier but also for making me realize my potentials in life. My family and relatives are all proud of me and am the first female in my family to study until this level and I can’t wait to get my bachelor degree.

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