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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I completed my Grade 8 examination at AEF Ruben Primary School in 2008 and got 342 marks out of 500. The marks were adequate to take me to an extra county school but my mother could not afford it.

My mother secured a space at Soul Mercy Children’s Home. In 2009, I joined Soul Mercy Children’s Home. We relied on donations for food, clothing, stationaries etc. Mind you, in Kenya the children’s homes are for street children, but did I have a choice? That became my home away from home. I repeated Form 1 because I joined later and was not able to catch up due to the trauma of being associated with street children.

In 2011, my mother, while doing her laundry job, met a friend who referred her to a friend so that she could do laundry for her. They got along and in their talks my mum mentioned that she had a girl who had passed well her Grade 8 and was not fortunate to get a good school but rather a children's home. The woman offered to pay my fee and even requested a transfer. I joined another school but of lower class than my marks, but better than children home. At first she was being paid for her services but later she started working with no pay. Life became harder. The fee was being paid on time but with no shopping or even bus fare, she had to work for me to attend school. You can imagine the school is closed after the term and you have no transport so you hang on in school for at least 3 to four days before going home. Even if you go home there's nothing to put to your mouth and you're not sure if tomorrow you will get any. Paying rent and other utilities became harder. 

In 2012, I began Form 3. My fee was not yet paid as mum was sick so she did not attend her work. I was sent home for fee and was given transport by my then class teacher. Mum was extremely sick. I had to quit. Trust me it was the hardest decision to make. My mum's friend secured a place for me to work as a house help. I started working for pay.

Second term of the same academic year I decided to go back to my roots. I went to Ruben Center and found brother Frank. I explained myself to him. With tears rolling, all academic papers on my hand, I requested for full scholarship because even if I would be given half I couldn't manage. Brother Frank agreed. May God bless him for me. That was how I was introduced to Denis Weily and Helen Weily.

With the help of Denis and Helen through Ruben Center, I was transferred to the best extra county school. With full scholarship I was able to join a school of my dreams with full school uniform, transport, pocket money and everything. I think it was my first time experiencing a good life because it had never happened before. Despite joining a school during the mid of second term at the end of my Form 4 I managed to get a B-, (in Kenya the pass mark to get to a university for degree is C+ and I was above that).

In September 2014, with the help of Denis Weily and Helen Weily and of course and very many friends who had joined hands to form Weily Tribe foundation, I joined university and started my journey of becoming a solicitor. I was still on full scholarship. I managed to graduate in December 2018 with honours. In Kenya you cannot practice without being an advocate so in 2019 I joined  Kenya School of Law for further education so that I can practice. In 2020 I started my attachment till the deadly corona virus came and distorted everything. Despite all that I'm still hopeful that thing will get well and next year I will get my second degree.

After the novel Corona virus came, since most countries were on lockdown, Denis gave us some stipend during this hard times. At least life is manageable. May God continue blessing you abundantly and everyone who has contributed towards the well being of Weily Cubs.

Thank you once again.

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