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Wangu Kanja Foundation

The Foundation was born from challenges that the founder Wangu Kanja went through after she was raped in a carjacking incidence in 2002. Her traumatic experience in the hands of the rapist, family, friends and the public led to her realization that she needed to take action to provide hope and healing for, survivors of sexual violence. There are over 60 survivors in the network who share and exchange challenges and experience. The Wangu Kanja Foundation is helping to restore dignity and healing to survivors of sexual and gender based violence.

Wangu Kanja Foundation is striving for a Kenyan society free of gender based violence where men and women, children and adults live in harmony and offer meaningful contribution to the country's development process.

Click on the link below to access more information.

Woman who took 12 years to recover from rape - The Standard

Video on this project

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