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Ujamaa Children's Home


The Ujamaa Childres Home is the latest addition to our supported projects. The linked report has extensive detail. Below is an excerpt from that report.

"Thanks to The Weily Tribe the kids recently spent a day at a Cultural Centre outside Arusha learning about the Masai Tribe and their traditions which was very interesting. Many people are unaware that there are in fact 122 different tribes in Tanzania - the Masai people being the most well known by those outside of Africa. We actually do not have any Masai children in our home and as such this was a good educational experience for us. The Ujamaa kids come from a range of different tribes include Mchagga, Msambara, Nyiramba, Nyakyusa, Mbulu (also known as Iraqw), Mporogo and Mpare. One of the reasons Tanzania has stayed politically stable over the years in comparison to other African Nations in the region is because of the respect and understanding of the differences and diversity of so many tribes. Tanzanians believe they are part of the whole but also represent their individual tribes and with so many tribes it is hard for any one group to gain significant power. While there was certainly fighting in the past, these days the tribes live together without any major issues."

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